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New Media 'Think and Drink' at Red Light, Red Light Saturday Jan 5th at 5:30pm

Mon, 12/31/2007 - 10:15 -- rprice

More than a year ago, I hatched an idea about uniting the creative communities around Florida under a common banner at a Creative Summit. We are much closer to such an event now, but still so far away. After doing a dance in several directions, we came up with a Think and Drink.

Event Info & RSVP


Use Yahoo Site Explorer to get Top 10 Pages for your Site

Wed, 11/21/2007 - 07:18 -- rprice

A while back I installed an excellent plugin for Firefox called SearchStatus. In addition to showing me the pagerank and compete score of any page I visit (I think it does Alexa, but I have a different plugin for that), it also gives you this handy right-click menu with lots of neat stuff in it. Most useful was a list of all the pages that Google, MSN and Yahoo! index on your site. For this blog, the list is interesting, but I'm not trying to make a living being me, so I checked out OrlandoScene.TV, my up-and-coming video podcast.


WiMAX in Miami?

Tue, 11/20/2007 - 06:18 -- rprice

For non-geeky types, just stop reading. I'm complaining about not having wireless being truly wireless.
TowerStream Rolls Out Enterprise WiMAX Service in Miami, Florida

Wow, this was from almost 9 months ago - I wonder how it's going? The first page of Google was not super-helpful - it mostly said Sprint is not moving as fast on this as they'd like, but they are doing something in Chicago and Seattle.



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