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Flock and Facebook Screencast

Wed, 11/21/2007 - 14:30 -- rprice

The new Flock is out and better than ever, so I'm inspired yet again to screencast about it and show you more about this browser. In this edition we talk about how Flock has integrated your Facebook friends (and Flickr, MySpace, YouTube) right into the sidebar. You can keep the People bar open while you surf the web and make updates to your status, write messages, subscribe to media and share with your friends with just a simple drag-and-drop. This is the version of Flock you've been waiting for, trust me.

Download the Screencast (iPhone friendly!)

If you want to see anything else demonstrated, like if you want to teach your boss how to upload YouTube videos, I would be happy to create something custom for you. We do dedications!


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