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Use Yahoo Site Explorer to get Top 10 Pages for your Site

Wed, 11/21/2007 - 07:18 -- rprice

A while back I installed an excellent plugin for Firefox called SearchStatus. In addition to showing me the pagerank and compete score of any page I visit (I think it does Alexa, but I have a different plugin for that), it also gives you this handy right-click menu with lots of neat stuff in it. Most useful was a list of all the pages that Google, MSN and Yahoo! index on your site. For this blog, the list is interesting, but I'm not trying to make a living being me, so I checked out OrlandoScene.TV, my up-and-coming video podcast.

From Google, most of the top pages were wordpress archive lists - not very interesting, but it does prove that older pages get more juice in Google. Here's Google's top 10 OSTV category pages:

  1. coffee
  2. podcasts
  3. relayforlife
  4. maitland
  5. austinscoffee
  6. pandos
  7. michelle
  8. theatre
  9. rogers
  10. loch haven park

Here's Yahoo's top 10 pages for OSTV:

  1. Orlando Scene TV
  2. OSTV on B & S Daily Market at Orlando Scene TV
  3. OSTV 03: Taste Restaurant at Orlando Scene TV
  4. OSTV Still Getting Started at Orlando Scene TV
  5. OSTV 01: Relay For Life Concert at Orlando Scene TV
  6. OSTV 02: Enzian FILMSLAM at Orlando Scene TV
  7. 2007 Orlando Fringe Festival at Orlando Scene TV
  8. Orlando Video Blog Kicks it Off at Orlando Scene TV
  10. 2007 archive at Orlando Scene TV

The MSN top 15 pages for OSTV (MSN was the only one with an RSS feed) were interesting as well. Kind of neat was every so often they would publish a date that specified the last time they indexed it (I think).

  1. Orlando Scene TV
  5. OSTV on B & S Daily Market ...
  6. OSTV 01: Relay For Life ...
  7. OSTV 03: Taste Restaurant ...
  8. OSTV 02: Enzian FILMSLAM ...
  9. Orlando Video Blog Kicks ...
  10. Join us at E.L.L.A Music ...
  11. Subscribe at Orlando ...

I didn't make those linkable because those are mostly in the yahoo list as well. It's interesting to see where MSN puts pages vs. Yahoo! I don't know how their algorithms differ, but it's worth looking in to...? Also, MSN repeated the first result... why?

I think Google's results are the least useful here (until I start optimizing and theming my category pages). For now, I have a neat wordpress plugin called Landing Pages that helps out by showing the user something like this:

orlando video coffee

You came here from searching for orlando video coffee. These posts might be of interest:

* OSTV on B & S Daily Market
* Join us at E.L.L.A Music Festival
* OSTV 01: Relay For Life Concert

But I think each category - like coffee, theatre, etc. should have a graphic and some related posts like this. That's also a great place to do some contextual advertising. I think I might throw adsense on my archive pages - especially since google thinks they're so important.


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