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WiMAX in Miami?

Tue, 11/20/2007 - 06:18 -- rprice

For non-geeky types, just stop reading. I'm complaining about not having wireless being truly wireless.
TowerStream Rolls Out Enterprise WiMAX Service in Miami, Florida

Wow, this was from almost 9 months ago - I wonder how it's going? The first page of Google was not super-helpful - it mostly said Sprint is not moving as fast on this as they'd like, but they are doing something in Chicago and Seattle.

In Miami a number of services appear to be available, like T1 Speed for $399 from ClearSurf! Awesome, I can pay the price of an iPhone every month just to get broadband... Then there's Towerstream, weighing in at $498. This service is clearly targeted at business. The stupidest part is how they say "T1 speed". The industry passed T1 speed a long time ago. Why not just say 1.5Mbit? The cable companies have us chasing the Megabits all over town, so why should the wireless broadband companies be any different?

Search for "WiMax Orlando" and all you get is announcements from CTIA Wireless - because all the TelCos come here to have fun and use our convention center - but yet they have no interest in equipping the millions of conventionistas with their precious WiMax service... why?

I would pay $60 - $80 for this service for my home - especially if it meant I could pop a card in my laptop and get it anywhere downtown - I mean I'm already going to have to pay $50 to get it through the ground, so i might as well be a bit more untethered? Maybe I should just sign up for EV-DO or HSDPA from the cell phone company and get something similar...? Sigh.


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Is anyone aware of Sling Broadband they are presently the largest wireless ISP in South Florida. With over 1200 Square Miles of coverage they are miles ahead of Towerstream, Clearwire and clearsurf here in the Miami & Ft. lauderdale metro area.