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Veronica Belmont » Console Rundown

Tue, 11/20/2007 - 04:50 -- rprice

Veronica Belmont » Console Rundown

I saw this hilarious and only slightly bombastic (and I actually meant to use that word, I feel so smart!) video review of the three 7th generation consoles (watch the video, I didn't know that) and their respective shortcomings. At the same time, I sometimes view these types of rants as being slightly insane, maybe because the people saying them sound smarter than me, and i don't agree with what they're saying because I didn't think of it first.... HA!

I've been subscribed to Veronica's blog ever since vlog deathmatch: air guitar. I don't know why Mark hates her, but then I never listened to Buzz Out Loud every day at the gym like he does. Now I'm watching Mahalo Daily... semi-daily at least - mostly when Jason Calacanis posts it to my Facebook feed. I have to say that she and Tyler have a super-fantastic show, they're actually showing us NEW stuff, instead of the same 15 stories that are everywhere on the web.

Also of note in this category is BoingBoingTV, an excellent daily show with the excellent Xeni Jardin. So nerdy. So beautiful.


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haha "Listening to the star-wars sound track, whilst sniffing NO2 and reading an excel spreadsheet". Seriously i had to laugh. I've need heard a more exact description of the Game Console wars.
very well do. i don't care if i didn't hear it 1st, I'm going to make it my ringtone. I wonder if i'll ever answer the phone or will i sit and listen to my piece of technology rant on about other pieces of technology. sounds perverse.
So more RESOLUTION so we don't have to go into "Tiny tiny eye strain'o'vision"