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September 2007 Posts

I might have been on Channel 13 Yesterday

Sat, 09/29/2007 - 08:03 -- rprice

Photo by Tim Welch

Channel 13 is the local news/weather station for Central Florida, and they were at BlogOrlando yesterday doing their thing. Jackie Shutack was a one-woman crew and she did all of her own camera work.

Jackie was interviewing Alex before the Orlando Scene segment when he came in and said "Ryan Price, come here, NOW!" Jackie had asked Alex if his blogs had any impact on local art and music, so Alex came to get me to answer the question.

I told my story about the challenge I presented before myself 2 years ago to make something out of my life in Orlando and where it's gotten me so far. I'm sure I said othe stuff, but I could't really say what unless I see the tape. After the interview Jackie made a funny comment about not needing to interview anyone else... I'd be very flattered if she was serious.

If you see it on News 13, try to TiVO it, I'd love to have a copy. If I ever get one, I'll try to YouTube it or link to the stream on News 13.

edit: I was on TV, and apparently they showed a screenshot of OrlandoScene.TV and a short clip of the video about B&S Daily Market


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BlogOrlando Feedback: Podcasting

Fri, 09/28/2007 - 10:12 -- rprice

So glad to be able to share and converse with the great people in the podcast session today. I have some questions for you if you went to the session:

  1. What were you looking to get out of the session?
  2. Did you get what you were looking for?
  3. Did you get something you weren't expecting?
  4. What would have made the session an over-the-top success for you?
  5. Would you like to have several sessions on podcasting, or a whole PodCamp in the future? Would you have something to present at said event?
  6. How would you have presented things differently?

If you can think of anything else, leave a comment.

If you want a copy of my talking points, you can download the Podcasting Theory PDF

I spoke to a woman afterwards that's been sending off transcripts to an agency and had no control over her podcast whatsoever, and I opened her up to the idea that she can do it all for herself.

Really. PodCamp, but it won't be just me. Come to Florida Creatives Happy Hour on Monday the 15th @ Crooked Bayou.

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Will's Pub announces (another) new location

Thu, 09/27/2007 - 07:14 -- rprice

We heard long ago that Will would be moving into the old theatre-looking space next to the Cruises Only building, but later found out he was bogged down in legislation, or something to that effect. Here's the first I've heard about Will re-re-re-relocating (if you count the Will's Pub South incident and his current arrangement with TASTE).

From Orlando Metromix:

Will's Pub is coming back to not only Orlando, but Mills Avenue. Here's an excerpt from my column that is running in the Orlando Sentinel this Friday about it:

"I may not have come back with a dime from Vegas last week, but I felt like I hit the jackpot when I got home that night and found out Will Walker has found a new space for Will’s Pub. Better news is it’s on Mills Avenue in Orlando, not far from where the old place once stood, but closer to the Wally’s, Uncle Lou’s, Paradise and Peacock Room end of the action.

According to Walker, the space is roughly the same size as the old pub with three rooms instead of two. You should see the opening of the bar at 1040 N. Mills Ave. in the next month or two."

One thing I noticed is that this is just one street south of Say It Loud. Julio must be beaming.

View Larger Map

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BarCamp Orlando, Pats on the Back

Mon, 09/24/2007 - 06:56 -- rprice

What an awesome event. Taste was absolutely packed. Lots of new thoughts and networking, lots of ideas for iteration #2. I heard the next 'camp might only be 6 months away. With 4 podcast networks in Orlando, though, I'm gonna push for PodCamp. It doesn't need to be anything huge, just a day for us to get together and swap ideas and techniques. Podcasting is so personal and self-taught. There aren't any college courses on podcasting, so it would be great to unload some of what we know on the newbies.

Here are some pictures from yesterday. I have a few more to upload, but over 200 are already here. Check it out:
Flickr: The BarCamp Orlando Pool


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Ryan Price and Julie Norris on Front Porch Radio

Fri, 09/21/2007 - 06:00 -- rprice

Front Porch Radio

Download the podcast

Julie hosts new locals only show on WPRK 91.5 | Dandelion Communitea Cafe

Front Porch is a weekly radio show hosted by Julie Norris, Proprietor of Dandelion Communitea Cafe, and focuses on all things local. Each week features a different guest making a difference locally with eclectic blends of local music and various ramblings about what is happening in OurLando.

Tune your dial to WPRK 91.5 or listen online at every Wednesday at noon.

Front Porch Radio is now a podcast as well.


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First post ever (from Blurty) - 4 year blogging anniversary

Fri, 09/21/2007 - 03:30 -- rprice

Today is the 4th anniversary of the day I wrote using blogging software (as opposed to flat HTML files). Blurty was (and is) the "free" alternative to "paid" and "invite only" LiveJournal. My friend Amanda was on Blurty too, and I wanted to keep up with her. In the end LJ won over, and I even transferred all my posts over. I stopped reading LJ altogether earlier this year after I got hard core about podcasting and "pro blogging" or whatever this is.

So, I have been talking about getting an actual blog on my page instead of just my static crap, but I got lazy. The old one will disappear into obscurity, but I will still have those files, and I reserve the right to revive them for posterity's sake.

Last night, I became dilsexilc. I was writing out a pre-order for Scarface Special edition DVD, and there is a box where I am supposed to write the store name and number, and our phone number. I am happily writing, when I look down. I wrote "F43" like one of those 1337 people. (i'm not a haxx0r) So, finally I get out FYE#438 after much concentrated thought.

Two seconds later I handed this woman the white copy instead of the yellow copy.

End of line.
Current Mood: dyslexic
Current Music: O, brother: Where art thou?

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Beer Bomb Bus Tour Twitterstream via 30boxes Twapper

Sun, 09/16/2007 - 18:05 -- rprice

Live Tweets from today's awesome tour.
Hosted by Mike of Shipyard
Twitters courtesy hailtheale johnrife liberatr
Beer Bomb Bus Tour Twitterstream

Over at they've got a neat little service called Twapper - "Twitter Mobile for WAP". I didn't think much of it until just now when I realized that I only twittered a few times today, but John and Chris wrote several texts. I was even quoted in one of them!

Twapper is so easy you can use it from your cell phone, but it makes a great deal of sense as a web service as well. Think, I wanted to see tweets from just a few users, not all my friends, not just me. No special #tagging or @addressing needed, just a good service. If you want to see more than one stream, just type +bloggingfringe or +johnrife+hailtheale to the end of your URL. I think it has a limit on the number of streams you can combine, but it is ad-hoc groups! Ad-hoc! Buzzword compliant!

Another very useful thing that was omitted from this screenshot (for archival purposes) is a little text box just below the stream that bears the legend "Direct twitter this group only!" That's a very useful feature, so easy you can operate it from your crappy cellphone browser.

Also, John was inspired to try out some live YouTube as per my suggestion at Friday's lunch, so check out that link too.


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Flock Blogging with Photos

Thu, 09/13/2007 - 22:01 -- rprice

Part II, Electric Boogaloo!

This screencast demonstrates how to use Flickr photosharing and the Flock browser to add photos to a WordPress blog (or any blog or web page, really). Flock makes it dead-simple to upload, tag, and post photos. You can probably download the browser, sign up for Flickr and post photos to you blog faster than you can watch this video (about 7 minutes). Let me know what you think or if there are any tough spots.

Download the Screencast (in stunning 480×320 optimized for iPhone!)

There was a time when I was thinking of doing lots of screencasts and trying to build a whole site around it. Mike G of CFPHP and I were talking about something along these lines today - he's the reason why you have an iPod-sized 'cast. If you want to see anything else demonstrated, like if you want to teach your boss how to subscribe to RSS feeds, I would be happy to oblige. I am just sort of doing these as they come up until we come up with some cirricula.


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BlogOrlando Podcasting Session 2007

Thu, 09/13/2007 - 20:23 -- rprice

I will be leading a discussion at the 2nd Annual BlogOrlando Unconference on Friday, September 28th at about 3PM. Josh Hallet, who organizes the event, has asked the session leaders to give participants an idea of what we'll be talking about, and get the discussion going beforehand. Please feel free to help me add/subtract/update this list. Some things I've been thinking about:

  • You don't need to be like Big Media
  • Put your favorite NPR show, your favorite music and a show you created in your living room on your mom's MP3 player
  • Why the iTunes directory is king
  • What's with the "Pod" anyway? Is there a better word for it?
  • Some podcasts are for your eyes only
  • Think like the little guy - keep it real
  • Just get past your first episode
  • What's in a name? SEO/Branding
  • Promotional Tools & Community
  • Episodes, shownotes, flash players, widgets
  • Stereo vs. Mono, bitrates, filesizes, hosting
  • Audio vs. video, text, photo, Internet TV vs. videoblogs
  • How do I publish a feed? How do they subscribe?
  • Networks vs. all-encompassing shows
  • Skype is your best friend
  • Playing music during shows
  • Atmospherics - is the Air Conditioner a friend or foe?
  • Enjoy it while it lasts - AKA "Podfading"

That's the list as of now. Josh is going to be linking to this from the BlogOrlando site somewhere, so keep checking back. This is also the post where I'll be publishing any links, downloads, slides, samples, etc.

Update: I spoke about this subject using these slides at BarCampOrlando, and this is what Tim took away from it:

Hints: name it within the 1st 5 episodes. Keeping the same name and url helps retain viewers/ listeners. Episode numbers are not essential but paying attention to locations of listeners and content popularity helps focus on what is working. Make sure to keep it personal, an extension of you not a competition to real media which you will never beat. Show notes help a lot to keep subscribes connected and personalized.

“Make it something interesting for your audience”


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People named Ryan Price

Sun, 09/09/2007 - 19:15 -- rprice

Ryan Price-Andy Weiss Song

Add to My Profile | More Videos
Ryan Price Music

I am a songwriter. Music offers everyone something unique, and it is my form of meditation.

I wrote and recorded my first record while I was in school. It was an experiment in a lot of ways. I was learning to sing, record, produce, arrange and write songs. I got a few friends to help out, but for the most part I played everything, and because of budget I even mastered it. The release of the album has been a learning process, and I'm still learning. That I think is the key to staying inspired.

Today I am sitting on the heals of about 30 new original songs, as you can imagine it is a lot of work and I want to give them all a change before I will inevitably be forced to retire some of them. I have also been very focused on the music end of my career, but I'm started to realize how much work is in store for me as an independent musician in today's "here today gone tomorrow" world.

Thank you for checking me out, tell your friends and let me know if you are interested in helping in any way. Ryan

PS: My first solo record "Time is a Healer" is available for download at:
Itunes and

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