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Drupal Podcast |

Sat, 02/28/2015 - 05:11 -- rprice

This is a simple module intends to help people use drupal to easily create valid xml podcast feed(s)for iTunes. As the only thing podcasters should worry about is making their podcast(s) and not messing with code. Features: site admin or permission given trusted users the ability to easily create podcast(s) with out having to touch a line of xml. Import old iTunes feed items for ease of drupal podcast migration. Create and manage new podcast items quickly reusing elements.


BlogOrlando Podcasting Session 2007

Thu, 09/13/2007 - 20:23 -- rprice

I will be leading a discussion at the 2nd Annual BlogOrlando Unconference on Friday, September 28th at about 3PM. Josh Hallet, who organizes the event, has asked the session leaders to give participants an idea of what we'll be talking about, and get the discussion going beforehand. Please feel free to help me add/subtract/update this list. Some things I've been thinking about:


Apple drops price of iPhone by $200, gives cookies to the losers

Thu, 09/06/2007 - 17:32 -- rprice

I heard about this yesterday when Apple announced their new line of iPods, including a device that does almost everything the iPhone does except make calls, dubbed "iPod Touch". Today, Steve Jobs wrote an open letter to everyone who's already bought an iPhone that says "tough crap, I'll give you $100 gift card, go away, you bother me." Obviously, the tech bloggers have something to say about this.

Here's my response to Jeremy Harrington's Thoughts on iPhone Price Drop:


OrlandoScene.TV and Video on Revver

Tue, 06/19/2007 - 22:16 -- rprice


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