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Tech is Turning Over

Thu, 05/31/2007 - 08:34 -- rprice

So many things happened while I was "away", or rather, while I was at Fringe. Here are some highlights:

  1. Apple, Inc: Watch YouTube videos on AppleTV, oh, and we really meant it when we said we want to sell music without DRM. Really.
  2. Microsoft: Hey! We've had multi-touch stuff in our labs for a while, but we don't care about home users - we're going after retail and enterprise with Surface! Whatever.
  3. Remember us? We're one of those sites that lets you share your iTunes playlist on the web. Well, CBS thinks our 15M users are worth $280 million! Whoopie!
  4. MySpace: We got really pissed that everyone's using Photobucket instead of our photo hosting, so we bought them for about $250Million!
  5. Google: You can now see a panorama of the place you're trying to find in Google Maps (in 5 major cities). Aren't we the best company ever?

More important than how cool Google is: the blog that brought me all of this news: Lost Remote. Technically, it's a TV blog, but I find all the best stuff there. Seriously, check it out.


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Thanks for the shoutout, Ryan! Yeah, we started out (in 1999!) as a TV-for-the-web kind of site. But now we cross over from TV to the web to stuff we think is just plain cool. Glad you found us of use.

Steve Safran
Managing Editor
Lost Remote