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Sun, 09/09/2007 - 19:15 -- rprice

Ryan Price-Andy Weiss Song

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Ryan Price Music

I am a songwriter. Music offers everyone something unique, and it is my form of meditation.

I wrote and recorded my first record while I was in school. It was an experiment in a lot of ways. I was learning to sing, record, produce, arrange and write songs. I got a few friends to help out, but for the most part I played everything, and because of budget I even mastered it. The release of the album has been a learning process, and I'm still learning. That I think is the key to staying inspired.

Today I am sitting on the heals of about 30 new original songs, as you can imagine it is a lot of work and I want to give them all a change before I will inevitably be forced to retire some of them. I have also been very focused on the music end of my career, but I'm started to realize how much work is in store for me as an independent musician in today's "here today gone tomorrow" world.

Thank you for checking me out, tell your friends and let me know if you are interested in helping in any way. Ryan

PS: My first solo record "Time is a Healer" is available for download at:
Itunes and

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