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First post ever (from Blurty) - 4 year blogging anniversary

Fri, 09/21/2007 - 03:30 -- rprice

Today is the 4th anniversary of the day I wrote using blogging software (as opposed to flat HTML files). Blurty was (and is) the "free" alternative to "paid" and "invite only" LiveJournal. My friend Amanda was on Blurty too, and I wanted to keep up with her. In the end LJ won over, and I even transferred all my posts over. I stopped reading LJ altogether earlier this year after I got hard core about podcasting and "pro blogging" or whatever this is.

So, I have been talking about getting an actual blog on my page instead of just my static crap, but I got lazy. The old one will disappear into obscurity, but I will still have those files, and I reserve the right to revive them for posterity's sake.

Last night, I became dilsexilc. I was writing out a pre-order for Scarface Special edition DVD, and there is a box where I am supposed to write the store name and number, and our phone number. I am happily writing, when I look down. I wrote "F43" like one of those 1337 people. (i'm not a haxx0r) So, finally I get out FYE#438 after much concentrated thought.

Two seconds later I handed this woman the white copy instead of the yellow copy.

End of line.
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