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I might have been on Channel 13 Yesterday

Sat, 09/29/2007 - 08:03 -- rprice

Photo by Tim Welch

Channel 13 is the local news/weather station for Central Florida, and they were at BlogOrlando yesterday doing their thing. Jackie Shutack was a one-woman crew and she did all of her own camera work.

Jackie was interviewing Alex before the Orlando Scene segment when he came in and said "Ryan Price, come here, NOW!" Jackie had asked Alex if his blogs had any impact on local art and music, so Alex came to get me to answer the question.

I told my story about the challenge I presented before myself 2 years ago to make something out of my life in Orlando and where it's gotten me so far. I'm sure I said othe stuff, but I could't really say what unless I see the tape. After the interview Jackie made a funny comment about not needing to interview anyone else... I'd be very flattered if she was serious.

If you see it on News 13, try to TiVO it, I'd love to have a copy. If I ever get one, I'll try to YouTube it or link to the stream on News 13.

edit: I was on TV, and apparently they showed a screenshot of OrlandoScene.TV and a short clip of the video about B&S Daily Market


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I talked to Manny today, he said he saw us. Me, you and he thinks josh. They had josh and I's name mixed up though :\

O-well, still great to see the scene get some media love!