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Lyman Robtics - Home

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 21:28 -- rprice

Lyman FIRST Robotics is a robotics program at Lyman High School in Longwood, Florida that is motivated to teach our future engineers the basics of constructing, wiring, and programming robots. Lyman Robotics competes in FIRST competitions to teach the teams leadership, teamwork, and above all else, gracious professionalism. Lyman Robotics was founded by Karl "Skip" Brooks in 2008 with only a single FRC team and no FTC teams, Skip created the team to teach aspiring engineers about robotics. Lyman's first robotics team, Team 2757 Built and Dangerous (BAD) was mentored by team 1902, Exploding Bacon, so it could hit the ground running. Exploding Bacon taught the young team many of the basics of FIRST and robotics in general.