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New $1B Orlando-to-Miami passenger rail plan unveiled - Orlando Business Journal

Mon, 03/26/2012 - 08:40 -- rprice

a privately owned, operated and maintained 240-mile passenger rail line to link Orlando to Miami using a right of way that runs through the downtown areas of South Florida’s coastal cities

the goal is for the trains to average 100 mph, with speeds generally faster in rural areas than in urban areas.

In contrast to the heavy public funding for high-speed rail, FECI's announcement indicated its All Aboard Florida system would be privately funded but cost less because it would largely utilize existing tracks.

The new passenger service will not affect freight capacity in the rail corridor, thereby supporting Florida’s role in international commerce and allowing more intermodal freight movements.

Currently, South Floridians can go to Orlando and Jacksonville via Amtrak service along the Tri-Rail tracks in the region and the CSX tracks further north. If FECI ultimately expands passenger service from Miami to Jacksonville, it would be a much straighter, shorter coastal route.