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Bloor West artist displays personal ‘brand of silliness’ at Runnymede library

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 11:52 -- rprice

It’s this love affair that inspired the character of Boris the robot, star of his own graphic novel, Boris Robot of Leisure. Published in March 2013, it’s an unexpected “human” story that combines “retro-futuristic science fiction, mid-century cocktail culture and silent comedy” as readers follow Boris on his quest for direction and contentedness. “I’ve always had affection for goofy 1960s sci-fi and the Tomorrowland gadgets that never quite made it into our future,” Miller told The Villager. “In 2003, I developed Boris as an alternative to the aggressive robots who seem bent on global domination. Boris is gentle relic of the retro future who doesn’t know how to fit in to our world, but certainly doesn’t want to take control over it.”