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Manufactured Love - A stop-motion robot love story

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 19:43 -- rprice

Our goal with Manufactured Love is to create a very professional, new style of stop-motion animation that is filled with smooth camera movements and beautiful, dark, charming, lovable robots. Manufactured Love will exhibit new camera movements with intricate rigging systems, creative trucking and GO PRO shots. The process began when I collaborated with a two time regional Emmy award-winning writer Kat Michels. We put our heads together and designed a story that captures the gritty desolation of Robot Land and the drive, love and frustration of the main character Artie. *Alison Lechtenberger and Kate McGill were also a fundamental piece in the creation of the story Manufactured Love. Now with polished script in hand we have assembled a very talented team to create this world and characters come to life.