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Mon, 08/28/2006 - 17:55 -- rprice


First of all, thank you Wordpress for including the Technorati ego widget on the dashboard of my favorite blogging software. Second, thanks to Technorati for being an awesome blog search engine. I'm sure that's how some of my new traffic has been coming in.

Example: Valleywag linked to me. I got the link for saying Jason has guts.

Too bad it happened while I was on vacation. I didn't post much or even read most of my daily blogs while I was out.

Tonight will actually be my first normal night in my own bed in over 3 weeks. We slept here Saturday after the show, but promptly left so people could go to work, and I could go to the Refresh PHP User Group.

Mike asked me to help out with podcasting the meetings: at least they are only once a month (last Sundays). I am seriously going to start making calls for contributors; I don't have time to be a media guru right now.


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