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Urban ReThink in the Orlando Sentinel Today

Fri, 01/07/2011 - 03:01 -- rprice

Update: There is more to this post when you're done reading it. I want to make sure and thank Sandra for her article.

Today the Orlando Sentinel wrote a short, one-dimensional piece about our as-of-yet-unopened space at Urban ReThink in downtown Orlando. I really wish we could have a website today - one exists, but with no styling. Ugh.

Here is my quote from "A new chapter opens for Urban Think! as a workplace" by Sandra Pedicini:

"It's trying to create a space that has all of that coffee shop appeal — with structure for people who want to get some work done," said Ryan Price, an Orlando Web site designer who hopes to become a tenant at Urban ReThink.

Sandra and I talked on the phone for about 10 minutes. I talked about our great resource library (AKA LinkedIn on steroids for our Community) and all the other awesome benefits we will offer to members, but the reporter seemed to want to focus on Cow-orking. I also talked about the (at least) 4 year history the coworking movement in Orlando has had, and I get exactly one sentence.

"Tenant" is also really the wrong word. We are saying "Resident".

Update: Over at the Sentinel, there was a 9-comment thread in reply. Sadly, 8 of the comments seemed to be about independent bookstores.

I agree that running independent bookstores has gotten really hard in this day and age. However, this story is not about bookstores. It's about what happens post-bookstore.

Urban ReThink only shares an address with what used to be the bookstore. The space will provide resources to creative people in town. There are already some cool events taking place there, like the Bad Film Appreciation Society, which had it's fifth local screening last night.


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It's not until you're in the press that you realize how little signal gets through... and you realize that means every other news story you have ever read is just as inaccurate and under-reported.

Hope to see you at the Drupal 7 thing tonight, would be good to catch up :)

Great to hear from you John. Let me know if you want a tour. We won't have internet for a little while yet, but once we do, we will absolutely have some "beta testing" time available.