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BlogOrlando, Pleasure Island's Last Hurrah

Wed, 07/09/2008 - 12:55 -- rprice

The dates for BlogOrlando have been announced. Held at Rollins College from Sept 25-27th, with the main event being held on Saturday the 27th (not Friday like previous years). If you haven't been to BlogOrlando yet, it's a really fantastic introduction to the world of blogging, and there should be lots of fun surprises this year. Last year there were some great discussions, and a few keynote presentations by folks like Shel Israel and Chris Huer (google their names).

Josh Hallet, the man behind the unconference, says registration should be open soon. You should be able to take care of that at

If you didn't notice it yet, the very last weekend Pleasure Island will exist is the same weekend as BlogOrlando - as of Sept 27th (I'm assuming it will be open that day) the attractions will all be closed in favor of something more "family friendly". Considering the number of cameras and recording devices that seem to follow BlogOrlando participants wherever we go, wouldn't it be nice to have a big blogger party out there at the Island?

Save the Adventurer's Club! Kungaloosh!


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Yeah, we'll just have to plan an earlier geek excursion.

I am actually headed out there tonight. I can get an extra person in on Fridays, too, so who wants to go?

...I wouldn't mind taking something off the walls ;)

Lots of great memories there, and great nights with no memories. I haven't been in years, but I'm going to miss that place.