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Blogging Fringe 2008

Mon, 04/14/2008 - 19:41 -- rprice

My Friends,

As you all know, I've done this Blogging Fringe thing for the past two years. Sadly, this year looks like I'll be pulled in more directions than ever before. I've been up until 2AM every night for weeks on end and I'm not sure when this will stop.

At the same time, I really love the opportunities the Fringe Festival presents to show off some great groups in Orlando and Internationally, and introduce the world to our potential.

At this point I have received dozens of press releases from faithful producers who would love a mention on the blog. I'd love to contact them, conduct interviews, post them to the site, get everyone excited and oh so much more, but that's not going to happen.

Some of you have contributed time to this project before, others are simply friends, but you are all tied to the theatre community and you have proven your interest in making our community something special.

My plan for Blogging Fringe this year is to write a small number of posts on my personal blog and have them automatically re-posted to, and I'm going to open that up to everyone in the world. All the content on the site will be release under a Creative Commons license, meaning anyone will be free to re-post and re-mix the work in any medium for non-commercial purposes This includes all archived content on the site as well.

Getting your content posted is simple. We'll agree on a keyword, something like "bloggingfringe", or "Orlando Fringe", something you will only write on your blog if you'd like the content to be seen, and those posts will be re-posted with a link back to your blog. An example of this is on where all the posts link to the original home instead of inside the site.

This project has never been about my own personal gain - I've sunk hundreds (thousands?) of dollars of my money into creating an environment for patrons and artists to have a conversation, but I believe I've fallen short of the mark up until now. Beth will be the first person to say that the Fringe website is not the place she'd like this conversation to happen - that's one great thing about a site like ours.

All the editorial content on Blogging Fringe - the reviews, videos, audio podcasts, will no longer be called Blogging Fringe, but instead Ryan Price Media, Orlando Scene TV and Florida Creatives. These three websites will just be other first-class citizens of the community like anyone else in the world. If I end up being too busy to post many videos, podcasts or blogs, that will show, because they'll be lost in the ocean of posts created by the blogging Fringe Faithful.

If I have to I'll paint the administrator password to Blogging Fringe on a canvas and submit the artwork to Visual Fringe. That's how open this should be. Anna, what's the entry fee again?

More news on exactly how to get your blogs re-posted to a public, highly visible website for free coming soon. I hope the Fringe itself, the Orlando Weekly, Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Arts Blog and others will be proud to include their blogs in the list, because the point is visibility, not exclusivity.

The contents of this email are posted at in order to make this information as public as I possibly can. If you'd like to contribute, you can start by posting a link to your blog in the comments! All serious submissions (and some not so serious) will be accepted.

Ryan Price



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