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It's OurLando, let's create it together!

Sun, 12/31/2006 - 10:42 -- rprice

I was just reading a post on the Dandelion website about the Homemade for the Holidays craft market they had this month, and I saw a word I noticed on a button at said store:


One might say this is a marketing attempt on Dandelion's behalf, but after looking into it, I noticed that this was a concept originally developed by Frankie Messina of Apartment E, which is a local networking group that currently meets Wednesdays at Austin's Coffee (I think).

I guess the idea is very similar to that of Florida Creatives. There is a community aspect, a crafting thing, and of course buttons. I'm not sure about it all yet, but I'll have to get them on a podcast soon and ask them all about it.
I also came across another local networking group, Orlando Dorkbot. This one appears to be show-and-tell driven as opposed to just a networking event.


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Hey Ryan,

Actually, to clarify for posterity, the term OurLando was coined by Tania Hall who originally used it with a Simple Living Institute's event. Dandelion embraced the term & I (julie, co-owner of Dandelion) am in the process of starting a local progressive business alliance (separate from Dandelion) and will be using OurLando as a term to promote this fair town of ours. Frankie, after seeing the term at our cafe, was kind enough to register the .com on our behalf and reserve it until we were ready to move forward with the project. That's it in a nutshell.