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Petentials on Fox News

Thu, 04/10/2008 - 17:40 -- rprice

Petentials on Fox 35 | Petentials Park

Also, here's an email Darren sent out to friends and advisors.

As some of you know, the Fox reporter, David Martin, informed me today that the feature on Petentials was picked up by Fox national news. I think what this means is that it'll be aired on local news shows throughout the country over the next several days...or weeks.

We've had about 50 new accounts created in the last 24 hrs. In fact, 4 have been added in the last 2 minutes. There are 20 people on the site right now.

It looks like we're now getting some Tennessee traffic, so my guess is that we were on the early news in Tampa tonight and the late news in/around Cleveland, Tennessee. Exciting stuff!

Now it's hit Minneapolis/St. Paul (and maybe others). 123 people currently on the site...and rising with every refresh! At least 20 new registered users in the last 20 minutes. Plus, we have someone who wants to be our community ambassador for Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Update: Detroit Free Press Article


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