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I'm in Axis Magazine talking about Internet Video

Wed, 04/09/2008 - 02:51 -- rprice

Axis Mag April 2008
No, that's not me in the white suit and glasses.

I was interviewed this month by John Theisen, who runs the Enzian FilmSLAM, the FMF Indie Film Jam, and works for United Arts.

Go pick up the magazine, on Newstands all over Orlando, but here's a teaser:
Axis Mag April 2008
Yes, that's a picture of a network cable next to a planet. I think I was supposed to get John some pics or logos... sorry!

"Ryan Price, producer of OrlandoScene.TV and has been making his mark in Central Florida's web forums and has tried to add his own quality content to its ever-shifting environment."


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