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Facebook Announcements puts advertising in the hands of college kids

Thu, 01/19/2006 - 16:57 -- rprice

I am a semi-recent college graduate: I have been out of school for almost 2 years now. After I left school, all of my friends got into this social networking site called the Facebook. The facebook has been featured in several technical and business publications, and that kid Mark Zuckerburg is worth millions of dollars now. It's a nice tool, but I noticed something very interesting about it today: any student can post a bulletin, but here's the kicker - you have to PAY for them.

In order to be on the Facebook in the first place, you must have an email address from your college (or high school). This means the user base is tightly restricted to students and staff. The original idea behind the service was to be able to see a picture of everyone you had class with, in case you needed some notes or their email. When you log in to the service, you are notified of any private messages you may have recieved, any event invitations people have extended to you, birthdays, and "pokes", which is a way of getting someone's attention without sending any text. On that same login screen is an announcement box, letting you recieve a message only your schoolmates can see.

Facebook AnnouncementsFacebook has no other form of mass email or bulletin sending, unless you are in a group, in which case you can send a message to all the group members, and then only if you are an administrator of the group. Several other social networking sites have bulletins you can post to everyone on your friends list, but none of the services I know of allow you to broadcast a message to an entire demographic group in a small geographic area.

Clearly, the Facebook gods see the incredible advantage such a service offers, not to mention most Facebook users log in to their account one or more times per day to check for messages and pokes (they say most announcements will be view 3-6 times by each person on a given day). They have therefore chosen to charge an amount per day for Announcements based on the number of eyes that will see the message. For UCF, they assume 53,000 fresh faces, so you pay $16 for every day your announcement runs. Smaller schools are less expensive, but few schools cost more, since UCF is so large. Some schools are as high as $18 to $20 per day, but most schools can expect to pay $9 to $11 a day.

Did I mention you can make your announcement to as many schools as you'd like? The form allows you to add other schools besides your own to the list, making this a great advertising tool, or just a good way to get 53,000 people to hear about your party. The possibilities are limited only by your wallet. Good work, Zuckerberg

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Show Topics

Tue, 01/17/2006 - 05:38 -- rprice

Well, it’s Tuesday, and we haven’t seemed to secure a guest star yet…. ::Hint Hint::

Here are some topics:

  • Guilty pleasures - John Mayer for me
  • Richard Cheese -
  • Marc’s Birthday
  • Cassette is dead, but Vinyl will endure
  • Emily’s new Computer
  • Crash and Bailey
  • How to get on the show
  • The Tao of Kermit
  • Big labels vs. Indy labels
  • Upcoming showsScottish Highland Games
    Saturday the 21st - 8:00AM to 5:00PM
    Cetral Winds Park, Winter Springs
    434 near 419

    Heathens with the Wynn Brothers
    Friday Jan 27th at Backbooth Yip with Voice of the People, Reign of Terror and Madd Happy
    Jan 31st at Island Oasis

    Band Marino, Yip Yip and Country Slashers
    Friday Feb 11th, Will’s Pub NORTH
    Buy tickets in advance!

  • Emails

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Listenable Fabric

Sat, 01/14/2006 - 08:35 -- rprice

I read about Sonic Fabric in a feed from WIRED magazine today - WOW!

They take old vinyl from audiocassettes and weave it into fabric, and apparently with a lightly modified walkman, you can drag the playhead across it and get an actual sound! There is this dress than the drummer from PHISH wore and performed with somehow. I would love to get a video of that someday.


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Two new Podcast Episodes

Sat, 01/14/2006 - 03:42 -- rprice

Emily and Ryan recorded two new episodes of “You can’t spell crapface without PFA” this week, and they are now both online and in your feedreader. We also have an email for our show at

Listen to the show, write in with a comment or suggestion, ask for a guest starring role, or give us presents because you love us and you want us to be happy!

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Possible show topics

Tue, 01/03/2006 - 17:18 -- rprice

I was thinking of a few topics for the next show in case we do not have a guest.

  • Cassette is a dead medium, but vynil will live on
  • Richard Cheese
  • Any cool recent music
  • Upcoming shows
  • Places to catch live music on a regular basis
  • What do we do for a living (or intend to do)?
  • Tourist Orlando vs. Everyday Orlando
  • Buying Emily a new computer
  • How to get on the show
  • How do we record a skype conversation?
  • Anything from LJ
  • Things you can only do as a pair
  • The Tao of Kermit
  • The Adult Swim Generation
  • How to use PFA in a sentence
  • Difference between Big Labels and Indy Records

I just listened to my first Dawn and Drew show, and I realised I never want my podcast to become that popular with people that stupid. Hopefully the PFAitude will keep it more highbrow. I’m not knocking the show, but the messages they played from the people that called in were… less than intelligent.

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Podcast - in the past

Mon, 01/02/2006 - 14:13 -- rprice

Some of us are pioneers. Some of us smell bad. Some of us like brocolli. This pre-ipod-podcast captures swearing and bad singing, somewhere around a whole year before podcasting even was pod-vented. Back then the only pods were in our pants and in our peas.





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First post from the PowerMac

Thu, 12/29/2005 - 23:33 -- rprice

I love this thing. Really.

HA HA! Linux!

Oh, it’s uber-early, why am I still up? Why can’t I go to bed like a normal person?

Yay for gaming.

End of line.

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Log of PowerMac Stuff

Thu, 12/29/2005 - 19:31 -- rprice

I finally got the G5 set up. I think it is just a shame that I have 2 dual-core processors and a measley 256MB og RAM! I ordered the new sticks, so they should be in next week I suppose. Still getting prefs. set up and apps installed. I will nee to get an FTP program and a text editor with syntax highlighting and preferrably FTP save.

I LOVE iCHAT!! It lets me keep my buddies in my contacts, which means I can see their real names!!

I love how everything is sort of integrated into the environment: saved passwords, conacts, calendars, preferences, devices, applications are all just “there”. Documents are simply stored in my home directory with my name on it, not “My Documents”. What is that supposed to mean anyway? Is a photo or a video really a document? Everything is a file, bitches! Still haven’t tried burning CD/DVDs or hooking up the external hard drive, or networking the machines. Setting up the printer was absolutely a no-brainer. Plugging in the iPod was actually more work.

I’m not sure my monitor works with my KVM swtich, which sucks. Still can play around with it, I think.

Apple Mail rocks. iCal kicks ass. Safari certainly performs. I love the Mac rendering engine. These processors help it fly.

The keyboard and mouse are very much up to par. The system is even a little quieter than my old machine.

Still have yet to check out any of my iLife, Final Cut, and iWork stuff, but it is there, I will get to it.

Got Quicktime Pro for the convenience factor.

I need new speakers.

The big (only) annoyance was the password thing. Somehow I typed a password wrong, or something bad happened when I tried to create the sample .Mac account (really, this system comes with SO MUCH standard). I had to reset my ROOT password with an install disk, and I decided to experiment and just delete the Keychain file, which worked exactly as expected. HA HA, Linux!

There’s another one, too. .Mac… I mean, synch contacts and files, sinple web hosting and publishing from the desktop? If only they could sell that shit to everyone, I mean I guess the Intel generation will maybe help bring that around, but that is just a neat service!

The monitor calibration tool was beautiful. I really feel like I am getting my money’s worth with this system.


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