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May 2006 Posts

Busy Busy

Wed, 05/24/2006 - 09:09 -- rprice

Before I get too far, I just want to mention this huge announcement:

Liberatr Presents Marc with a C at Stardust
Friday, June 2nd, 9PM, Stardust Video and Coffee

With Special Guests:
The Stand-up Comedy of Carin
and Hollywood Beach Brian

Not to be missed! Your favorite podcast personalities will also be there, doing what they do for fun, watching shows and podcasting!

Earlier in this week, the Fringe Festival got rolling, and I started blogging about it at a new website. It has been loads of fun, I have been making new friends, and becoming infamous for one thing or another. You can see it all unfold at

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Two podcasts in the Orlando Weekly

Thu, 05/11/2006 - 10:51 -- rprice

Notable noise is a very quick-and-dirty listing of a bunch of things, normally what local musicians are up to. The column is penned by Jason Ferguson, and although we were not informed we would be appearing in the paper, I am OVERJOYED at the mention! I was wondering why the newest show had more listeners than the oldest show. Now I know.

Check out the mention:

Taken from Notable Noise on 4/20:

Marc With a C is co-hosting a super-hilarious (if completely dorky) podcast called "The Zanzibar Lounge." You can get it at Liberatr is also serving up live shows at; the first is a Marc With a C show, but the likes of Unicornicopia and Bucket of Nails are also supposed to be on the schedule


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Pleasure Island Under Renovation

Tue, 05/09/2006 - 10:36 -- rprice

UPDATE: For those looking for info about Pleasure Island closing, please read my newer post.

While I was cruising Google Maps (like you do), I was hovering close to the Lake Buena Vista area; translation: Walt Disney World. That made me remember this past Friday when my friends Matt and Katherine and I flexed our annual passes to Pleasure Island, and we were shocked at a striking new development: The huge West End Stage and the smaller Hub Stage (pictured in Yellow) were completely demolished. The West End Stage so much so that it was almost down to the bare "island". Also, the Hub Stage left an ugly ugly scar on the side of the Rock-n-Roll Beach Club that seemed to render the fire escape on the West side of the buidling completely imapssible. Courtesy Google Maps

Tearing down the West Stage also means the bathrooms just below the stage (down the stairs) and the elevator no longer exist... This is not very Accessible or convenient for the mobility impaired or people who have to pee (or yammy).

A complete list of what is happening:
Taken from Pleasure Island FAQ:

Beginning in March 2006, Pleasure Island will undergo some big changes. The West End Stage and the Hub Stage at Pleasure Island are under refurbishment, continuing into late 2006.

Other closings at Pleasure Island include:
-- Superstar Studios -- closed March 3.
-- Missing Link Sausage Company -- closed March 19.
-- DTV -- closed March 19.
-- Zen Zone -- closed March 19.
-- Reel Finds -- will close April 1.
-- Changing Attitudes -- will close April 1.
-- Orlando Harley-Davidson -- closed March 19, but will relocate to the former home of Reel Finds and Changing Attitudes.

I only wonder what will replace most of the empty spaces -- more clubs? I have heard rumors that parts of Pleasure Island were closing because they were not "Family Friendly", but now I see that they really mean "not profitable". I guess that is how the Rumor Mill works. Clearly, the big stage only housed live music for 2 days out of the week, and the small stage was reduced to pure video-wall-ness. Maybe these spaces will achieve some useful purpose in the near future.

If anyone has any exciting theories as to what may be replacing the closed and demolished buildings, post them in the comments. Links and pictures are very welcome!

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Gallery 2 Integration with Wordpress

Sat, 05/06/2006 - 15:55 -- rprice

Does not work (at last not with this theme??). I have been playing with this crap for near on 6 hours with very little fruit. I got bunches of things fixed and added to my gallery, though. YAY for me!

This image used to be being loaded via a special quicktag which looked pretty neato.
Lipton's got no head!
The link points to the newest album, which directly corresponds to the old “Gallery” page on, where all the movies and rendered images live.

Probably most famous is the Devil Duckie movie, Of Death and Ducks.


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