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Two podcasts in the Orlando Weekly

Thu, 05/11/2006 - 10:51 -- rprice

Notable noise is a very quick-and-dirty listing of a bunch of things, normally what local musicians are up to. The column is penned by Jason Ferguson, and although we were not informed we would be appearing in the paper, I am OVERJOYED at the mention! I was wondering why the newest show had more listeners than the oldest show. Now I know.

Check out the mention:

Taken from Notable Noise on 4/20:

Marc With a C is co-hosting a super-hilarious (if completely dorky) podcast called "The Zanzibar Lounge." You can get it at Liberatr is also serving up live shows at; the first is a Marc With a C show, but the likes of Unicornicopia and Bucket of Nails are also supposed to be on the schedule


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