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Spork Cafe - Food & Drink - Orlando Weekly

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 15:52 -- rprice

Occupying a tiny corner inside Urban ReThink, the self-proclaimed "Happy Food Café" is the culmination of the hard work and effort of sisters Tisse and Joyce Mallon.

Tisse's work as a "happiness coach" has clearly affected the dishes coming out of this diminutive kitchen. The always fresh, made-to-order, organic-when-possible, unprocessed fare not only supplies the alimentary essentials, but really does leave you with a sense of cheer and well-being, and not out of some act of cultish or coercive persuasion, either. The food, like the sisters, is genuine – the real deal – and it's precisely what makes Spork such a thriving street-level draw.