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Changes - Processing

Mon, 09/10/2012 - 05:58 -- rprice

All the great things from Android have now been back-ported to the desktop version of Processing, so we have a super fast OpenGL library.

choose between "Standard", "Android", and "JavaScript" mode. Those are the current modes that are being included, though we may add/remove modes as we head to 2.0 (a Jython mode is lurking about, for instance. Mmmm! Tempting.) Like Tools and Libraries, it will be possible for other parties to write their own modes that work inside the PDE.

JavaScript – the JavaScript mode (see above) allows you to write a sketch and quickly run it in a browser using Processing.js. The code that glues PJS to the PDE was developed by long-time Processing contributor Florian Jenett, and continues to evolve. We highly recommend using JavaScript for running Processing work in web browsers.