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Florida Hospital optimizes patient experience using WEM on Drupal | Acquia

Sat, 09/08/2012 - 10:20 -- rprice

“In the month leading up to the redesign, we saw that as many as 18% of our users were on mobile devices. Drupal has many available solutions for implementing responsive design, which serves the same content across devices, formatted for the appropriate screen size. We’ve been able to deliver the same site for both mobile and desktop, optimized differently, including videos and forms. As a result of doing things responsively, we’ve seen a major increase in the rates of people on mobile devices filling out forms.

“Drupal is a champ at integrating with other systems. We have integrated our Drupal webforms into our Oracle on-demand CRM. So far, we’re pushing from our site into the CRM, but we hope to make that work both ways in the future.

“Florida Hospital manages credentialing and other physician qualification data in a .NET application, and we created a custom middle-layer to provide this data as a service. Drupal takes in that data, wraps biographical information, images and videos