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IndyHall Blog » Indy Hall 3.0 – The Future of Indy Hall - Coworking in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thu, 08/09/2012 - 15:14 -- rprice

1) Prepay membership:

If you’re interested and able to prepay membership, contact Adam ( directly to coordinate. We prefer the 3 and 6 month prepayments, but are open to alternative arrangements.

2) Invite a friend to join Indy Hall:

Pretty self explanatory. This expansion is going to include LOTS of opportunities to get involved, which makes it a great time to join Indy Hall. If you’ve got a friend who you think would love to be a part of Indy Hall, invite them to any of the expansion projects that are coming up.

3) Get involved in the planning and execution of the expansion.

We’ll be posting regular updates, but instead of inundating the list with details and discussion we’ll relegate discussion in a separate Basecamp project.

4) Check out the space

We’ll be able to take people through the space to help people visualize what it will look like. Drop us an email if you want a tour, we’ll figure out an efficient way to get people to visit the space.