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Orlando Fringe Festival expands: Orlando Fringe Festival expands to new venues, adds shows - Orlando Sentinel

Wed, 09/05/2012 - 05:38 -- rprice

and we have such a momentum going, it's time to grow the festival," said George Wallace, the Fringe's general manager. This year more than 29,000 tickets were distributed.

The new venues are within walking distance of the Fringe's home base of Loch Haven Park. Theatre Downtown, at the corner of Princeton Street and Orange Avenue, is about a half-mile away; The Venue, a new hall at 511 Virginia Drive, is slightly less than a mile from the park.

The additional theaters mean producer Michael Marinaccio can schedule 90 shows at next year's 13-day festival — up from 80 this year.

The Fringe will move its headquarters to the Ivanhoe Village Main Street office, and that organization will sponsor the Theatre Downtown venue.