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Florida Culture for the Week of August 6 by Josh Garrick | Wandering Educators

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August 13 – collide•scope at Urban ReThink
In a series that captures the mission stated in their NAME, Urban ReThink brings together a group of diverse and interesting minds, “colliding to discuss creative solutions to our community’s unsolved challenges.” collide•scope is a thought-provoking event designed to create discourse among individuals from diverse backgrounds, and the event for Monday, August 13 begins at 6:25 pm. Even their start time causes one to “think.” This month’s participants are Jeremy Seghers, Actor, Director, Producer and Art Curator; James Jessup, brainy guy from MENSA; Michael Dippy, Founder of iDignity and City of Orlando’s 2011 Person of the Year, and Bill Segal, former District 5 County Commissioner. One week prior to the event, they will be given a challenge to consider and present on the date of the event. Each challenge addresses a social issue from our area with the dialogue meant to promote a more healthy, vibrant and livable community.