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Luminous Tide Studios: Artwork of Christine Betow

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 15:07 -- rprice

Christine Betow Seerveld recently moved to Orlando, FL where she spends her days making metal art. She studied music theory and mathematics at Whitman College and outdoor recreation at Western Washington University. Somehow from this hodge podge of interests she took a love of form, structure, geometry, and the natural world and has applied it to her art. She first attended Burning Man in 2006 where she saw The Flaming Lotus Girl's piece, Serpent Mother. This is what first inspired her to take up welding. After starting metal art in 2008 when she began taking fabricating and forging classes at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, WA she later rented out their studio space for her own personal use. In 2010 she made and brought her first piece, Propolis, to Burning Man. In 2011 she finally worked with The Flaming Lotus Girls on Tympani Lambada as well as with Jon Sarriugarte on The Serpent Twins.

(She probably overuses and misuses parenthesis and dashes - for some inexplicable reason she