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The Iceberg’s Larger Role | Josh Clemence

Mon, 04/16/2012 - 06:48 -- rprice

The Iceberg is a place where anyone with any background can work alongside each other. A place where an accountant can work next to a skateboard manufacturer founder. A place where this dynamic helps create the diverse set of resources The Iceberg is able to provide. By celebrating the fact that anyone and everyone can work alongside each other, we are able to increase the possibilities so serendipitous moments, increase the access to perspective, resources, and expertise, as well as offer a higher level of support from the community.

Most importantly, The Iceberg is a place built on the ideal of “support.” Each member, sponsor, partner and donor takes part in this ideal in some way. Whether it is providing a resource, offering your advice, celebrating a fellow member’s success, or simply a motivational pep talk, support is key and evident in every aspect of The Iceberg.