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Hyper Audio - A New Way to Interact | The Worm Hole

Fri, 03/02/2012 - 05:33 -- rprice

Some things to try :

Switch the audio from English to Danish - it should continue from the same point in Danish, subtitles and the transcript should also change appropriately.
Try clicking on words in the transcript - the audio should start playing from the corresponding point.
Highlight a passage of transcript text - this should add a tweetable excerpt to the ’share’ box. The URL included should just play that part of the audio.
Clicking the music note icons in the ‘media’ box should take you to the point of the audio where that resource was mentioned.

How did we achieve this? We used popcorn.js to display subtitles, footnotes and other time-related resources. In fact a lot of this was already in place when I picked up the project. I then integrated jPlayer for the audio playback and deeper interaction.