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Life returns to Urban Rethink space with pop-up Burrow Press bookstore | Blogs | Orlando Weekly

Sun, 06/19/2016 - 08:04 -- rprice

Yeah, that place was awesome. Sigh.

If you missed it somehow, there used to be a multi-use art/music/discussion/co-working/tech/café space located on Central Boulevard (between what's now Soco and Baoery). It closed in 2013, after two or three years of readings, film screenings, music, broomstick pony races, panels, pop-up dinners and whatever else its revolving band of creative staffers (including Darren McDaniel, Pat Greene, Brendan O'Connor, Shaina Anderson, Kim Britt, Dina Mack and many more we are no doubt forgetting) could pull off.

Today we hear that the space is returning to its roots. Before Urban Rethink, there was Urban Think, an independent bookstore, and now local publisher Burrow Press announces that they will host a pop-up BP store