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Julian Opie, David Shrigley, Cao Fei, and Other Animators Illuminate Something at the Core of Art | MIT Technology Review

Tue, 08/18/2015 - 07:28 -- rprice

It is very much of its time. As Brian Droitcour noted in Art Forum, few works got as much attention in 2008, let alone works in construction (the making of RMB City was constantly on view in London’s Serpentine Gallery). The passage of half a decade has given it a period look. Game technology has moved on, producing ever greater verisimilitude. All works of art contain clues to the date of their creation. But there are specific problems for artists using software created for film animation or digital games. In a few decades, no one may be able to access the software, and there are other difficulties that oil paint does not present. As Julian Opie has remarked, “It is an incredible headache to try and figure out technology, and it moves so fast that by the time we figure the whole thing out, quite often we find that that technology has been discontinued.”