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Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Un-Conferences | William Hortz | LinkedIn

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 09:38 -- rprice

An un-conference is an open-format regional conference where everyone interested in the growth and development of their community is welcome to speak on any topic they are passionate about. Their motto is Share-Learn-Grow. Much like Tyler Durden's Fight Club, there are only 2 rules to the BarCamp UnConference: 1. You must want to help others learn what you know! 2. You are not here to sell or do a product presentation! Speakers at this year’s un-conference represented a varied mix of entrepreneurs, tech geeks, social gurus, life hackers, makers, robotic enthusiasts, creators of new business services or inventions vetting out their new offerings to the group, social media and website technical specialists, a broad range of marketing and small business consultants, and representatives from small business development centers from local business universities and other community efforts for entrepreneurs. It was a day filled with passionate exchanges of ideas, engaged discussions and learning.