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Thu, 03/19/2015 - 06:12 -- rprice

What is Tipglo? Tipglo is a platform that allows you to communicate with people who and are difficult to reach. Authors, celebrities, video producers, experts, bloggers, journalists, musicians – use Tipglo to respond to their fans. If I have a question can’t I just send an email or a tweet? Yes, you can, but you may not receive a response. Some people receive dozens, if not hundreds, of messages each day. They can't respond to most of them. If you need a personal response, Tipglo is a way to cut through the clutter and get attention. When will my card be charged? You will be charged when your reply is ready for you. If no reply is sent, you will not be charged. Where does my money go? 85% of your payment goes directly to the creator or the cause the creator supports. Tipglo applies a 15% fee to the money we collect to cover our secure processing and our operations. Will I receive the personal contact information? No, to protect everyone’s privacy, all correspondence is routed through Tipglo. Is a response guaranteed? There is always an option not to respond to a message – in that case your account will not be charged. If your message is lewd or inappropriate you’re probably not going to receive a response. Be nice! What if I have a question that isn’t answered here? Contact us and we’d be happy to answer it.