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Backdrop Does a Disservice to Developers | Mark Ahrens

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 06:25 -- rprice

Mark said, “I have a personal aversion to being too tied to one tool, so I want to make sure developers are thinking about their career right now but also 5, 10, 20 years from now.” Who can argue against this? At face value, these words are plain and simple and true. I can’t speak for every supporter of Backdrop CMS, but I personally will be learning both. I choose to do this because I can and I believe it opens many doors to what Drupal can do and how it innovates. I was working in Procedural PHP before I found Drupal in 2007. In the 80’s I was in 6th grade and taught myself BASIC on my Commodore-64. [GEEK CREDZ!] In the late 80’s I learned Pascal and ForTran in high school. This is where my programming skills ended. Fast forward now and I am doing very very well in Drupal, BUT I’m quite intimidated by this new process. What’s more, it turns out that some organizations out there who use Drupal are ALSO intimidated by these sweeping changes. [That’s just a fact that people need to deal with. Like it or not, the clients don’t always want the newest “not invented here” tools.]