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ionosonde recordings: D.I.Y. plate reverb

Mon, 02/09/2015 - 14:32 -- rprice

Now that I had a working voice coil (driver) ready for mounting on the plate reverb unit, it is time to fabricate a coupling link that will directly connect the driver to the plate. But first, I need to do something with this mess I made while performing that gruesome surgery on our patient. A quick sweeping with my trusty broom and......wait a minute - broom - broom handle... Perfect! A broom handle is the right size for making a driver coupling link. Just cut off about 1 1/2 inches of the broom handle (the length depends on the distance your driver will be away from the plate) - file or sand one end to size for a slip fit into the voice coil. Glue the coupling to the voice coil. It is essential to be cautious while gluing. If glue seeps down into the gaps between the coil and the magnet, then you essentially made yourself a nifty refrigerator door magnet. In other words, the driver won't work if the coil and magnet are glued together. After the glue has dried, mount the driver to the frame. If the coupling link length is correct, it should lightly touch the plate. If the plate is bowed outward, then the coupling link is to long.