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Wed, 12/17/2014 - 12:44 -- rprice

If your company isn't thinking about collaboration and creating an office design centered around collaboration, chances are that the office you've built is stuck in the doldrums. These days everyone wants to collaborate with other - it can help improve work by getting more minds thinking about the same problem, and it can be a fun, social experience where employees build community ties. According to a recent Gensler study, top companies tend to organize offices using collaboration as a key building block. Also, younger Gen-Y workers are more interested in work being an experience among others - as opposed to a strict task oriented dungeon. Lastly, if you need tips on designing with collaboration in mind, check out these ideas. LEARN MORE ABOUT COLLABORATION But of course, collaborative spaces aren't built simply by putting people next to one another - but are instead an intentional space with the tools necessary for collaborative activities. Below are a few exa