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Aaaaa! and Jack Lumber in WebGL Humble Bundle! | Owlchemy Labs

Wed, 11/05/2014 - 13:33 -- rprice

Aaaaa! is now officially the first commercially available Unity WebGL game!!1! You may have seen the big news today, but for those who’ve been living in an Internet-less cave, starting today through October 28 you can check out the brand spankin’ new Humble Mozilla Bundle. Update: Jack Lumber has also been ported to WebGL and included in the bundle! The scientists at Owlchemy were given the unique opportunity to work closely with Unity and Humble to attempt to bring one of our games, Aaaaa! for the Awesome, a collaboration with Dejobaan Games, to the web via technologies like WebGL and asm.js. I’ll attempt to enumerate some of the technical challenges we hit along the way as well as provide some tips for developers who might follow our path in the future.