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Free Space Omni-Binaural Microphone - $2,499.00 : 3Dio, Free Space Binaural Microphone - Binaural mic for binaural recording

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 10:50 -- rprice

The Free Space Omni-Binaural microphone consists of 4 pairs of ears, each pointed at 90 degrees from the adjacent pair. This provides a single point, 4-position binaural perspective of any audio environment. The Free Space Omni-Binaural microphone is ideally suited for adding immersive binaural audio to your 360 degree video production! Automated playback software coming soon! The Omni mic can also be used to provide binaural localization/orientation freedom for audio engineers. Simply place the mic where you want it, hit record, and binaurally/positionally mix your audio sources in post. This microphone uses the same ears and binaural technology found in the award winning 360 concert experience Beck - Hello, Again