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Fri, 09/12/2014 - 05:52 -- rprice

For Second Life and archaeological digs, the Kinect can create 3d representations of scanned items and folks! TheKinect 3d Object and People Scan gives users the technology to scan their objects and people and create a virtual 3d representation of them. This video by Chris Palmer showcases this Kinect setup and how the future of gaming and inventory can radically be changed by the Kinect. In the video people and objects, through a guided Kinect is able to capture a robust 3d image. Not only that, but also the depth and texture of the object is captured, giving a more detailed scan. The 3d images can be handy and in this case, scanned images of people can properly be imported to the game, Second Life. Another use is predicted on the archaeological digs, scanning ancient items/relics to be studied in 3d by historians miles away!