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A Kinect-Powered Animation That Evolves With Your Body Movements | Design | WIRED

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 11:01 -- rprice

As visitors move through the gallery the story progresses and Mr. Kalia begins transforming. The experience is more Dalí than Disney. Mr. Kalia’s body is covered by locks, his hands turn into gushing fountains, and birds begin flocking to branches that sprout from various parts of his body. Mr. Kalia’s transformation was brought to life using an impressive toolchain that included the Kinect, C++, Coffeescript, CSS, Google Compute Engine, Nite, Node.js, OpenFrameworks, Openni, Paper.js,, and Tween.js, all to be rendered in a Google Chrome browser window. The character was created with vector graphics allowing it to scale and be displayed in a web browser or in an arty warehouse gallery. “Technically speaking, one could say that this project is halfway between traditional animation and video games,” says Diagne. “We borrow from the first to tell little poetic stories with graphics and music and from the later to access another layer of storytelling through interactions.”