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Epic Class Uses Google Glass for Storytelling #WearableWednesday « adafruit industries blog

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 11:03 -- rprice

an interactive web series which follows two characters that believe the internet is becoming a conscious entity. The Glass acts as a messenger for the entity’s thoughts. The writer, Eben Portnoy, allowed for typical scripting, but also live Tweet mining during the filming. Here’s how it was accomplished. For this fictional story about characters embodying “the global brain,” student programmers Chung and Karan Chugh had to create a “machine-learning” algorithm that would automatically select real tweets that would become dialogue for the actors. REMAP’s Horn created a program to send these selected tweets to Glass for the actors to say. To teach the program about the language of emotions beforehand, students manually categorized a set of 1,500 representative tweets into one of 12 “intentions,” like “bond,” “inform,” “manipulate” and “evade.” Then during filming, an off-screen operator triggered the program to select real-time tweets from a library of more than 1 million that matched the emotions that Portnoy wanted the actors to convey at that moment.