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I Got Paid to Be an OKCupid Ghostwriter - The Bold Italic - San Francisco

Fri, 05/23/2014 - 10:52 -- rprice

So for a meager $55 a week, plus an invaluable party story and a $10 bonus for every woman I successfully got to agree to a date, I provided El_Zorro's wooing material. But, I was no Cyrano pouring my heart out into beautifully crafted missives – instead, I was an inbox-hack, strategically spamming a handful of Roxanes a minute. While a touch of style, good grammar, and humor are important in online dating, effective messages are more formula than art. As OkCupid's blog points out, there's data to dating. The company has even calculated the words that are most successful in getting a response. My own formula breaks down into roughly the following: ( reference to shared interest + measured compliment )^ fun greeting X ( PG innuendo/ delta of perceived attractiveness levels ) + 1/√pinache = Suggestion of Real Life Romance