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A helping hand — Artistic Hand owner bounces back - Seminole Chronicle

Fri, 05/02/2014 - 09:55 -- rprice

Seaman and his shop play an important function in the lives of many people in and around Oviedo. For someone such as Patti Landis, who recently moved from Ohio and is at the gallery on almost a daily basis, it is much more than a place to observe original art. "I had to get here and see what in the world was going on when I passed by this pink building," Landis said. "Being new down here, it's kind of hard to get in a clique and meet new people. After I started [coming to the studio], it's hard to get away. "It's just like a family here." It's that family feeling, perhaps, that has helped Seaman cope and battle back. Still missing his best friend, Seaman is always ready with a story about Barbara and her many accomplishments. An ardent Florida State fan, Seaman said he can feel his late wife's spirit when he visits Tallahassee, where he and Barbara both attended college. He felt it most recently, he said, during a trip to see a Seminoles game last football season. Equally important, is what he feels in his gallery and studio, his business and his home. "The spirit of realizing that my lifelong dream of making a difference is now at fruition, and, now, I'm daily doing that," Seaman said. For a man who has spent his life advocating for the arts and social change, what this latest revival really boils down to is people. "They're what keep me going. As long as they're here, as long as people want to come here, I'm going to keep working," Seaman said. "I am retired and this is what I do for retirement."