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Wed, 04/24/2013 - 12:44 -- rprice

Just the description alone – “an experimental performance by Jessica Earley featuring hyperbole, puppetry, dance, awkwardness, honesty and video projections to tell a story about heartbreak and healing” – was enough to conjure images of the kind of experimental performance art that was all the rage 40-plus years ago, but too often earns eye-rolls from today’s cynical audiences. “Hyperbolic” seems like the last adjective one might apply to the demure Earley, who I previously knew mostly through her visual art and past collaborations with performance artist Brian Feldman. But this aptly named show gave full-throated voice to the pain – sometimes deeply heartfelt, sometimes amusingly parodic – induced by a romantic breakup she experienced last year. The hourlong performance, mounted on a white-sheeted stage at Ivanhoe Village’s the Venue, began with a short shadow-puppet play illustrating hyperbolic cliches about love, then launched into multimedia vignettes skipping randomly through...