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Patriot Gardens | Plant a Seed, Change the Law

Tue, 02/26/2013 - 06:39 -- rprice

We grow dozens of vegetables organically in our front yard in Orlando (read more about why we planted our Patriot Garden). But in November, the city—which aspires to be the “Greenest City in America”—notified us that our harmless garden violates city code, and we have to tear it up and replace it with grass…or face fines of $500 a day. All we want to do is use our property peacefully to grow our own food. The Constitution protects our property rights from arbitrary invasions like this. Help us tell our leaders “Hands off our food!” by planting your own Patriot Garden in your front yard. Here’s how. Read more about this nationwide problem in the New York Times: “The Battlefront in the Front Yard.”